I'm Adrianna King, and I believe in LOVE. Love for mankind and humanity, love for our Earth and our magnificent Universe. I also believe in Karma and can't stand the thought of my actions costing the life of another living being.  I am a native Texan and Austinite and along with running The Powder Sugar Room Studio, I'm a mother of three amazing children, life partner to one talented human, a food stylist, and recipe developer & consultant. I am a vegan by choice and allergic to wheat and dairy. Join my tribe and follow my journey through photographs on my Instagram page @thePowderSugarRoom. 

I am a Marine Corps Veteran and I am a new vegan as of June 2018 and I have a gluten intolerance. I have spent 12 years of my life as a chef catering to the rest of the Austin food scene and omnivores . I used to own a patisserie in Round Rock 3 years ago but sold it for freedom. Due to health issues, Hashimoto's Auto-Immune Disease, I started a new spiritual journey of meditation last year and a new business . It was during a meditation I did a 180 and switched from Keto to Vegan lifestyle and have been so happy and more full of life since the switch. I wish I made the switch so long ago but I am here now. 
I revamped my business to suit my spiritual model and lifestyle and love of baking. Now I can do my art and passion in peace and in and with love.

      The Powder Sugar Room is the free spirit of my former bakery Maison Cuit. Maison Cuit Patisserie started out of my home in East Round Rock. I started out as a normal wheat and dairy baker because I was extremely good at it. It was Round Rocks tiniest French American cottage food bakery that was actually open to the public. When I found a niche for something our town needed, I made it official and opened a brick and mortar on the historic Chisholm Trail. Little did I know the production of the bakery had to mostly be the same to keep customers happy and keep them coming back. Even though I knew I was allergic to dairy and wheat, I kept on churning the wheel. The "ball and chain" of keeping the same menu daunted me night and day. I did not enjoy having a set bakery menu and my body was giving out. Sure seasonal items change the flavors but, not the actual items, at least not if you want to keep customers coming back. 

       The Powder Sugar Room is a play on words. A play on "The Powder Room"...Yes, the kind of powder room where stage performers dress up, re-apply makeup and tell all kinds of secrets. Or where Ladies, go to freshen up before having a night on the town with their girlfriends or first dates. The room full of lights, velvety chairs and mints. I enjoy the drama and the showiness of an event. You see, I enjoy not having a menu. I enjoy creating things from someones childhood, just for their special occasion. I enjoy the freedom that I created for The Powder Sugar Room of no "bakery strings" attached and I love tasting my bakes without guilt or repercussions.

        I originally started my career as a culinary chef, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, who has had the pleasure of studying under some amazing mentor executive chefs. Some who were personal chefs of Diane Kennedy and Julia Child. I myself have studied as an assistant under Rachel Ray and Laura Sawickicki and have worked for a handful of celebrities that I can not officially mention due to signing non disclosure agreements. Now enough about me, here's why you should choose us above another bakery...well just that, we are not a bakery. I have created a catering experience with the intention of creating food that is love.  I believe if I create with the intention of love from the source,  all that it becomes, you consume and feel loved.

I wish you peace on your journey for your baker but most of all I wish you love as a human being.