Delivery & Catering

Same day delivery available before cut off time. We can bake and deliver within 45-2 hours after your order is placed, unless there is another order we are delivering before your requested delivery.

Same day delivery time starts at 11 am- 5pm (Cut off at 3pm)


Monday - Saturday

11 am - 5pm

Sundays (Open for Orders, Closed for Deliveries)

ALL Cakes require 72 hour (3 days) notice.

These cakes are the only cakes that we offer for delivery/catering.

Any Custom cakes or dessert request must me made and requested through our other form on our “Hire Us” page.

We only have one location, in Round Rock. Delivery charges will be added based on destination of delivery. Delivery ranges between $5-$10.

*All of these items are gluten free and vegan. So, when delivered warm, some of these cookies may easily fall apart, but will harden as they cool off. Once cool they can be easily picked up.

Known Allergens are listed on each picture (if viewing on your mobile device, you might need to turn it sideways)

All items are baked in a residential kitchen not inspected by any state or local health department. This is allowed by the Texas Cottage Food Law.

We are a current Certified Food Manager Registered with the State of Texas.

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Sold in 1/2 dozen batches.
Sold in 1/2 Dozen batches.
Sold in 1/2 Dozen and Full Dozen options (If you are looking for specific flavors, please request or call to make sure we have your flavor in stock.)
All cakes require 72 hour notice. (3 days) The cake you order today will be ready in 3 days.
Your cake will be confetti vanilla. But you choose your buttercream.
All cakes require 72 hours (3 days) advance notice. The cake you order today will be ready in 3 days.
All cakes require 72 hours (3 days) advance notice. The cake you order today will be ready in 3 days.
We use these totes to keep your items warm during delivery. We take them out of the tote and deliver them to you. If you would like to purchase a tote for yourself and show your support of our business, buy one or two! We will bring you brand new unused ones.
Please let us know any specific details that may be needed upon delivery. Gate codes, building numbers, desk assistants or beware of dog...