What other products do you offer? 

We try not to limit our event guest to what they would like to enjoy. However, we have narrowed our list of our top selling desserts. Our previous guest have enjoyed our gluten-free, vegan…French macarons, decorated sugar cookies, cake-pops, cake cups, mini-cupcakes, petite-fours, tarts, meringues, marshmallows, eclairs, and churros.

do You offer Keto desserts?

No we do not. While we do understand your desire to stick to your Keto diet plan, it is full of non vegan ingredients that we do not purchase. We can however refer you to a Keto friendly baker.

Do you offer desserts only?

Yes, we do offer the option of only desserts and not a fully designed table from us. You can pick them up or send someone to pick them up. You can also have these boxed desserts delivered to you.

Can you give me a price quote from just an email,DM or FB Message request?

Unfortunately we will not. Since each design is uniquely designed for you, we are not able to give price quotes based on emails, Direct messages or Facebook messages. We also can not give a quote based on any photo of cakes sent to us as we do not replicate cakes. Our starting estimates are listed on our site and you can give yourself a general estimate based on the number of servings your require.

The final price can only be given after preliminary sketches are done and the design is decided upon by both the client and designer.

We pride ourselves in the ability to create our baked goods and we do not rush any part of the design process. If price is an issue, it should be mentioned in your consultation request. Our desserts and cake range from $3 per serving to $10 per serving.

How are payments worked out?

We require 1/4 of the total price of your cake/dessert to hold your date and add your cake/dessert to our schedule. The remaining balance is due 2 calendar weeks before your event.

We understand that not everyone has the full amount of money on hand to pay for their event up front. So we offer a monthly payment plan for those who choose to make smaller payments until their contract is fulfilled.

We accept cash or credit cards with ID.

Do you deliver the cake?

Absolutely! We make it a point to deliver and set-up all cakes ordered from us. We complete delivery when we set the cake upon the designated cake table and the Day of Coordinator signs off on our delivery. We do not ship our cakes but we are willing to travel with them.

Desserts are the exception. We will allow desserts to be picked up from us if you choose for us not to design your dessert table. Melody’s Joy also picks up desserts from us to design her tables.

What kind of ingredients do you use?

A question we get asked a lot. Please see the following below.

Are you solely Gluten Free?

Yes, we only bake with Gluten Free flour. So everything that leaves our kitchen is 100% Gluten Free. We do not offer the option of normal wheat flour because we do not even purchase it. Although we do not use wheat flour, we do purchase from huge Flour Producers, so please keep that in mind when ordering from us.

Our flour…we use King Arthur All Purpose Gluten Free Blend or Pillsbury Gluten Free Blend.

Our milk…is made from oats. We currently are using Oatly GF milk.We like the natural sweetness it gives and the protein structure it lends.

Our Butter… We buy plant made butter. Two kinds, Avocado oil for all of our buttercream, cakes and cookies and Almond Oil, for our Macarons. Both of these butters are made with Soy Lecithin.

Our Chocolate…We use Calebeut Dark chocolate because of it’s great flavor and our ability to manipulate it.

Our Sugar. We agree not all sugar is the same. We have a great working relationship with Zulka Morena natural cane sugar because it’s not processed with animal bone char or We use Domino Brand Sugar processed in Yonkers New York, because their sugar is processed using ionization. We also use Domino Brand from Yonkers, or Sprouts Organic Powdered Sugar, because it is not processed with animal bone char.

Our egg replacer…sometimes it’s Aquafaba (Water from a can of Beans) , Bob’s Red Mill “Egg Replacer”, Follow Your Heart “Vegan Egg”, Flax Chia Seed mixture or just some fruit puree. It also just depends on the recipe.

Our Buttercream… We use a combination of Vegan Butter, and shortenings to create an Italian Merengue Buttercream, or depending on the weather our American Crusting Buttercream.

Our Fruit Purees and Preserves are made from fresh seasonal ingredients. But sometimes we like to import items that are not local to the Texas region.

Our flowers… that garnish our desserts are organically grown without pesticides, sometimes from our own garden. Sometimes they are also imported.

Our Gelatin. Yes, sometimes we do use a gelatin substitute to create Marshmallows, help set curd fillings and make Turkish Delights and liquid garnishes. We enjoy using Agar Agar or Bakol Gel-Dessert.

Our Oats. Yes, we do purchase the Bobs Red Mill Certified Gluten Free Oats, to ensure, there is not traces of Gluten in our Oats.

It really is a science to bake things without the use of animal products and gluten. We hope that you trust our judgement, design and experience and request us for your next event.

Do you use Soy?

Yes, we do in almost everything. In oil form.

Do You use Coconut?

Absolutely, Yes. Not in everything but we love coconut and love using it in Cream, Oil, Butter, Flour, Sugar and Condensed Milk form.

Do You use Nuts?

Yes. We use all nuts. Not in everything. But we can not guarantee there is not cross contamination because of our use of nuts.