Adrianna King 

Adrianna is a wedding cake and dessert artist living and working in the Central Texas area.

Her interest in art at a young age and craving for sweets became a refuge for her when she finished her tour from the US Marine Corps after 9/11. Her love for flowers and organic design is what fuels her designs and keeps her grounded in nature. Her love for Disney and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, keep her believing anything is possible and using your imagination is part of the adventure.

Although she graduated from Le Cordon Bleu as a Culinary Chef, she has no formal training in baking and decorating and all of her recipes have come from trial and error. She has had the privilege of working with well known celebrities and award winning pastry chefs during her culinary career before deciding to create her own business.

Adrianna is a vegan by choice and allergic to wheat and dairy, which is when she decided to create a company based on her needs. She doesn’t make desserts for everybody. She makes desserts for individuals with an open mind and palate. Her cakes and desserts are feminine, accented by flowers and interesting flavors. Her love and respect for mother nature fuel her passion for life and her need to bake.

The Powder Sugar Room

The Powder Sugar Room unofficially launched in January 2017 with a goal was to change the world in the science of Pastry. Everyone says it can’t taste good because it’s gluten free. We aim to prove them wrong. Everyone says, it can’t have flavor because it’s vegan. We rise above the challenge. With 12 years of studying the Art of Food in some of worlds the best kitchens and great chef mentors, Adrianna has learned how to manipulate flavors and textures to best suit the palate.


A Unique Way to Enjoy Dessert

The Powder Sugar Room is a very small company located in Round Rock, Texas that is run by mother Adrianna and daughters Makaila and Elisa.

Adrianna designs, bakes and decorates all goods for The Powder Sugar Room while her daughters carry out daily business aspects.