Founded by chef to the stars, Adrianna King, in 2017, the Powder Sugar Room is quickly becoming one of the most respected custom dessert concepts in the state of Texas.


During her early culinary and pastry career, Adrianna has had the opportunity to work for local and renowned celebrities and celebrity chefs such as Ted Levine, Sandra Bullock and Rachel Ray, just to name a few. She was a pastry assistant to the charming and talented 4x's James Beard Award Nominee Laura Sawicki, from who inspired her flavor profile expansion. She's been hired to cater private events for small local business owners like Fire & Ice Pizza Bar & Hulk Automotive to the world famous and local DELL. Adrianna has redefined bringing desserts back to the reception table, the cocktail table, kids tables, the adult tables. 

"Desserts are not just for restaurants, just like selfies are not just for yourself. My desserts are sexy, confident and sometimes too pretty to eat. They can be gluten free, vegan, sugar free or eggless, but they damn sure look good and leave you feeling satisfied and content. If your gonna cheat and eat the cake, eat orgasmic cake in a fabulous pair of shoes! Get your shoes from Manolo Blahnik, and get your cake from me."

- Adrianna King