PSR...Our Story



   We are a catering experience with the intention of creating food that is love.  We believe if we create with the intention of love from the source,  all that it becomes, you consume and feel loved.

        All of our cakes and desserts are baked with organic minimally processed ingredients as much as possible for our use, like Zulka our golden raw cane sugar that has not been processed with bone char. Our gluten free flour is our own blends of Sorghum, Tapioca, Potato and Corn Starch. We have different blends depending on what we are baking. Our caramel sauce is made from coconut milk. Our food colors are sourced from a company called Tru Color, that creates amazing color out of minerals and dehydrated fruits and veggies. Our egg replacement is either Aquafaba, Chia or Flax Seeds, that we have tested in our recipes to ensure our perfection. Everything is baked from scratch with tried and true recipes. We make our own vanilla extract using Jamaican Rum and 3 different beans:  Mexican, Tahitian & Madagascar.

We are proud to say that our "Buttercream" is made with Plant originated Shortening and depending on the season, we have limited edition "buttercream" icings, some made with fresh fruit or herb purees.  Our simple syrups and cordial syrups are infused with fresh picked berries and ground flowers or herbs.

Seasonal is actually seasonal. If I can't find it at the local farmers market, it's not in season. Flavors come alive during their season and should be experienced as such. I will always support our farmers for perfectly loved and cared for seasonal fruits and veggies. You will be at peace to know when you choose The Powder Sugar Room, no animals were farmed or harmed during the making of your dessert. We also do not use wheat flour in our kitchen. So we do not have cross contamination from wheat, however we do use all kinds of nuts. We are truly a gluten free kitchen.

     No menu doesn't mean no choices. It means a plethora of choices. It means lets get together and talk about it. Maybe you want a small cutting cake and a dessert table  full of our pecan sticky buns, mini tarts, fruit filled kolaches, NY Black& White cookies,  ginger molasses cakes, chewy chocolate chip cookies, or even mince pies. Yes, I went there... Maybe some personal rum cakes for party guest to take home, or coconut macaroons or vegan almond macarons; both different, both wonderful. Or maybe your are happy with just traditional cake...HEY, we make exceptional cake! You decide. 

"Desserts are not just for restaurants, just like selfies are not just for yourself. My desserts are sexy, confident and sometimes too pretty to eat. They are gluten free, vegan, dairy free & eggless, but they damn sure look good and leave you feeling satisfied and content. If your gonna cheat and eat the cake, eat orgasmic cake in a fabulous pair of shoes! Get your shoes from Manolo Blahnik, and get your cake from me."

- Adrianna King