The Powder Sugar Room is a fully insured home-based Vegan & Gluten Free dessert studio. We have clients that trust our creative vision on designing their cake and building their event table. Although we bake everything fresh for your event, we are not a bakery, we are a catering experience.



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Springdale Station

Modern and Clean Dessert Table

springdale station.jpg


Treat your guest to an all Vegan dessert table. They won't know it's vegan, but you will. 

 Elderflower & Mango "Buttercream"

Elderflower & Mango "Buttercream"

 Cardamom Spice Cookies

Cardamom Spice Cookies




Semi-Naked finish with caramel drip and natural decorations.

We absolutely love the organic design and beauty of a simple buttercream cake. Our cakes are coated in soft or crusting buttercream, or royal icing as we no longer desire to work with fondant.